Saturday, October 16, 2010

Common Sense

common sense, noun. Sound practical judgement; good sense in relation to common things or business, the natural understanding of mankind in general, in contradistinction to the endowments of genius or the acquisitions of learning. Sense belonging or pertaining equally to more than one, or, to many indefinitely.

Well, if you've gotten this far with me, you're obviously aware of my drive for definition, and, hence, clarification. Once again, however, I'd like to carry this definition a little farther. Common sense as I know it is based on the result of previously tested logical deduction. It can be based on observations as simple as fresh manure stinks, or conversly, as complicated as the fact that mankind cannot control global climate by regulating carbon dioxide with the sun doing as it pleases. Common sense only requires a reasonable understanding of the workings and practical results of simple logic. True logic is nothing but methodic discovery and processing of facts. I would posit that common sense cannot be based on anything but fact, or, exist without it.

"Okay," say you, "where is all this going?" I simply wanted to flesh out the most valueable tool we can ever hope to posess, because, without it, not only our culture, but, our nation, and, for that matter, our very lives are at stake. And, it's critically important to be able to recognize it within your own experience, and, in other people. Common sense is not necessarily common. But without it, we cannot defend ourselves against self-serving confidence men and their diabolical schemes. As a matter of fact, it's the leading detection device for such dangers on the market. More important than a smoke detector. More usefull than a first aid kit. More utilitarian than duct tape. And, you don't have to keep it stored or hung on a wall untill you need it; you can and should always carry it with you for use at a moment's notice. As a matter of fact, if you do posess this device, you'll find that it is of constant demand, it's value far surpasses your Blackberry, and you will wonder how anyone could possibly cope without it. You'll be using it to the point that you won't even realize it most of the time. Now, how much do you think something this wonderful and valueable could be worth? Well, many have paid dearly for not having it, some with their lives. But, in a twist of irony, it's entirely free. To anyone. But, you have to want it. You see, even though the seeds are plentiful, and, anyone can plant it within you, it takes work to cultivate it and develope it's full potential. The catch is, the motivation for that work is responsibility. And, that's not a very popular concept with many people.

"So," you wonder, "to what purpose would this this invaluable commodity be put to its highest and best use?" Well, the obvious answer is that it would dictate that use its self. You use it to analyze your circumstances, and, apply it further accordingly. For instance, if you're cold, common sense indicates you should react by working to increase the temprature of the air surrounding you. It becomes easy to see that it can take very good care of you with continued application. So, following that example, you can use this versitile device to probe the depths of what is most important to you and thus continually improve your lot. Now, outside the essentials, like sustanance, personal climate control, waste elimination, rest, I would think freedom would top the list of most people who are the proud posessors of a substantial cache of common sense.

Might I interest you in an example, those of you who are unfamiliar, that is? We've all been brought up on the idea that freedom is a birthright guaranteed by the United States Constitution, right? (If you're skeptical, or just don't believe me in particular, you can begin the basic operation of the exercise of common sense by finding a copy of the Constitution and looking it up). So, let's say a congressperson comes to you via media (proffessional ones don't ever come to you in person) and promises you a new government sponsored program that will benefit you directly by nothing more than merely your application for it to the nearest government bureaucracy office. All you have to do to recieve the benefit perpetually is follow the conditions of the application to the letter. Instant gratification instincts indicate that nothing can be more important than instant compliance. But, common sense sticks its nose in at the last moment possible and saves you from a life of slavery to bureaucrats by logically indicating that nothing is free, that the Government only gives to you what it forces your friends or family to give up, mainly through taxes, and that this is nothing but a well worded cheap trick targeted at your gratitude on Election Day. The destruction this program causes other people not withstanding. Logic indicates that in this "something for nothing" scheme that would benefit the politician for a while, and, you untill the program collapses, there is eventually a cost to someone, and, likely, someone who cannot bear it for very long. Common sense says that this scheme could come back to bite you.

So, why, with this wonderful silver bullet at hand does the scenario I've just described actually flourish in today's society? Because, of course, the politician is using common sense. He's stolen our gun while he's been sweet talking us and pointed it right at us. It tells him that he'll get whatever he wants, no matter how destructive to his constituents, by removing some of their responsibility for themselves and piling it on someone else who cannot defend themselves. And, in the process, take some of their liberty and convert it to his own power. Common sense, just like nuclear energy, can be used for good or evil depending on the possessor's morality.

The Founding Fathers, using the clearest logical reasoning and highest forms of common sense avaliable to Mankind at the time saw the strong possibilities of our government being taken over by immoral politicians and used for what is nothing more than institutionalized racketteering. And they gave us the greatest weapon they could concieve of to defend against such collusion. The United States Constitution. As with any other defense device, however, continuous attack and lack of attention will eventually render it useless for it's intended duty. The Founders had hoped that the people of this country through common sense would take the responsibility to educate themselves and to maintain adherence to the Constitution, which thereby would in turn protect those who supported it from tyranny. But, politicians have relentlessly striven to twist and reinterpret that document to lead to their own ends, freed to do so by people who don't have the common sense to see the whole picture, and who reject the responsibility to support it. That has naturally resulted in a diminishing of the Constitution's power to protect and promote a free society.

This nation has the most technologically advanced, versatile, loyal, capable military force on the globe, able to defeat any enemy, yet, we repeatedly watch statist politicians let them twist in the wind in hellholes with disasterous rules of engagement and no funding to make political points.This nation has the greatest private business industrial complex in history, having brought to the civilized world the highest standard of living man has ever known, in the shortest time possible, and we watch statist politicians drive it to other countries with illogical, power-grabbing regulations and support of unsustainable labor contracts. This nation operates on the most historically effective and non-exclusive economic system ever devised, and yet, we watch statist politicians play dice with banking rules and crash the economy in a questionable scheme to gain election victories. This nation developed the leading medical treatment and research program in the world and we watch statist politicians demonize it to gain favor of those who would bankrupt it with ridiculous lawsuits and demands of treatment without fair compensation, then suffer the indignity of having those same politicians stuff socialized administration of it, without our consent, up our rectum. This nation provides unbounded opportunity to reach for and acheive success beyond any single person's wildest dreams to anyone, without exeption, who is willing to work and take risks for it, and we watch statist politicians practice class warefare and racism to balkanize the country so that they may buy votes by pandering to the larger factions they create, and in the process, taking opportunity from many others.

Now, what does common sense say about the situation we're presented with, and who got us there? Listen to it. Your freedom depends on it.

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